Kolbi Synthetic Menus: The Pinnacle of Synthetic Menus

Synthetic Menus for every Restaurant Item Type:

  • Drinks / Craft Beer / Wine:

    Elevate your beverage presentation with crystal-clear waterproof plastic menus, ideal for showcasing everything from craft beers to vintage wines.

  • Appetizers:

    Begin the dining experience with appetizers that stand out on our printed restaurant menus, capturing the essence of each dish.

  • Monthly Specials:

    Keep your menu fresh with our menu printing for restaurants, perfect for highlighting monthly specials and enticing guests to try new offerings.

  • Seafood:

    Our printed menu options bring the freshness and quality of your seafood to the forefront, enhancing the dining experience.

  • Mexican:

    Add zest to your offerings with vibrant, waterproof menus that reflect the dynamic flavors of Mexican cuisine.

  • Pizza:

    Detailed and durable, our restaurant menu printing lets guests visualize every option, from toppings to crusts, on our synthetic menus.

  • Desserts:

    Indulge your guests with dessert menus that are as tempting as the treats they describe, printed to perfection.

  • Coffee Shops:

    Complement the richness of your coffee offerings with our waterproof printing, perfect for any coffee shop's menu.


  • How to Clean and Sanitize Waterproof Menus?
  • Cleaning Kolbi's synthetic, waterproof menus is straightforward. Use a mix of water and soap or a diluted solution of water and alcohol for effective sanitization. A simple wipe-down restores them to their original condition, thanks to our waterproof menu printing technology.

  • Synthetic Menus vs. Paper Menus: What's the Difference?
  • Our synthetic menus stand out against traditional paper menus with their waterproof, grease-resistant, and tearproof qualities. Offering a longer lifespan, they maintain their pristine look even with frequent handling, unlike paper menus that can easily wear and tear.

  • Are Synthetic Menus Better Than Laminated Paper Menus?
  • Yes, synthetic menus offer significant advantages over laminated paper menus. Laminated options can peel and expose the inner paper, compromising durability. In contrast, our solid-unit synthetic menus are designed to last without delamination risks, maintaining both aesthetics and functionality.

  • Digital Menus vs. Synthetic Menus: Which is Better?
  • While digital menus are a modern option, they lack the personal touch of physical menus. Synthetic menus, especially those crafted with waterproof plastic and advanced printing techniques, provide a tactile experience that enhances customer interaction, all while upholding the highest standards of hygiene and durability.


In an era where health standards are paramount, our synthetic menus stand out. Easily cleaned and sanitized, they ensure your patrons' safety, eliminating the risk of contamination. Whether you opt for disposable paper menus, QR codes, or our synthetic paper menus, the latter proves to be the most practical and elegant choice.

Dive into the future of restaurant menus with Kolbi Menus. Experience the difference, and let your menu be the talk of the town.